Misty Morning

“I thought I’d find you here,” Carol said

“You shouldn’t have come.” Burt answered.

Carol waited.

Somewhere a seagull called and another answered in the cool dampness of the morning.

Burt stooped, resting his elbow on one knee. He pointed the camera at the foamy waves that threw themselves against the steadfast piece of land rising steeply out of the bay. The waves had gnawed away at the base of the hill, tearing away the foliage and exposing the cragged rocks beneath. He found the perfect frame. Click-click.

“Let’s go back,”Β he said. “The kids’ll be hungry.”Β 


Word count: 100

Image: Bikurgurl_Travels

I wrote this in response to bikur_gurl’s 100 word challenge.

10 thoughts on “Misty Morning

    1. Lol! I built the tension with plans to have something happen, but in the end decided to just make the story a snapshot of their lives. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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