October 26, 2019 Father Time looks nothing like you'd expect. He's a skinny kid with a big afro. He's wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with YOLO scrawled across the front. Below that it asks cheekily in smaller text, 'Or do you?' "Ready?" He says to me. "Ready," I say. We are at the bottom … Continue reading Untitled

What Damia Heard

It started as a slight tickle, as if someone was brushing her ear with a blade of grass. At first Damia wiped at it, then looked at her finger to see what was there. Nothing. At home, when it happened again, she asked Dave to take a look inside her ear, still nothing. The sensation … Continue reading What Damia Heard


Image by Kerstin Herrmann from Pixabay Alert: swearing (milder than you'd expect for the characters) ************************* Rush said he would come back to get me. He said he would get a job and find us a place then I could come live with him. He said not to worry, it wouldn't always be like this. … Continue reading Rush

The Magnet

He scaled the stairs, two at a time up, to their bedroom. After a frenzied burst of emptying drawers, pockets, bags, shoes, it crossed his mind that the magnet wasn't in the house.